Understanding Appraisals for Realtors: Essential Preparation Tips!

Welcome, everyone, to another insightful session with Matt Liss, a top 1% Chicagoland real estate agent. In this video transcript, Matt dives into the often overlooked but crucial aspect of real estate transactions – the appraisal process. Join us as we unravel Matt's expert advice on handling appraisals, ensuring successful deals, and maintaining client satisfaction.

  • Understanding the Significance of Appraisals: Matt begins by emphasizing the importance of appraisals in real estate transactions. He sheds light on the fact that banks use appraisals to confirm property values and support loans. Acknowledging the mundane nature of the process, Matt emphasizes its critical role in validating the online data and photos available, providing the necessary street-level context.
  • Tips for Listing Agents: Matt stresses the need for listing agents to be proactive in the appraisal process. He advises listing agents to accommodate appraisers' schedules and foster a positive relationship with them. By preparing essential documents, such as the fully executed contract, property comps, floor plans, and surveys, agents contribute to a smoother appraisal process.
  • Strategies for Success: Matt shares practical strategies for ensuring that the appraised value aligns with the contract price. While acknowledging rare instances where online data suffices, Matt encourages listing agents to actively engage with the appraisal process. Building a positive rapport with appraisers, he suggests, can lead to more accurate valuations and smoother transactions.
  • Navigating Appraisal Discrepancies: The real challenge arises when the appraised value differs from the contract price. Matt provides insights into potential solutions, urging listing agents to work collaboratively with buyers and sellers. While proposing a change of lenders as an option, he acknowledges the need for negotiation between parties to cover any under-appraised value.
  • Addressing Under-Appraised Values: In the unfortunate event of an under-appraised value, Matt outlines two primary solutions. First, he recommends negotiating a new price with both the buyer and seller's consent. Second, in extreme cases, sellers may choose to hold firm on their sale price, putting the burden on the buyer to cover the discrepancy or terminate the deal.
  • Setting Client Expectations: Lastly, Matt emphasizes the importance of preparing sellers for potential appraisal discrepancies. By proactively communicating the appraisal process, its purpose, and potential outcomes, agents can mitigate surprises and foster trust with their clients.

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