The Harsh Truth for New Real Estate Agents: It's a Sales Job

When you first start out as a real estate agent, there's a harsh reality you need to accept - your job is sales. Plain and simple. Too many new agents don't understand this fundamental fact.

In the beginning, you are not just waiting around for referrals or repeat clients. You have to build your database and client base from scratch. That means getting on the phone, introducing yourself, and selling your services to literally every single person you can.

As the video states: "You are selling and if you don't understand that, you are not going to succeed."
The first few months and years are an uphill battle of constantly prospecting, making connections, and adding anyone and everyone to your database. You have to ask everyone you know - friends, family, neighbors, the mail carrier - to connect you with potential clients. You have to let the world know "I'm a realtor, hire me!"

It requires hustle. Double, triple, even quadruple your efforts to rapidly grow your database of leads. The more people you can get in front of through prospecting calls, events, social media, etc. the better. Send them valuable content and information to demonstrate your expertise.

The good news? If you can push through this initial phase of intense sales activity, you'll eventually build enough momentum to become more of a responsive, referral-based agent. But you have to do the hard work first of constantly selling yourself to anyone who will listen.

As the saying goes, "You've got to spend money to make money." In real estate, you've got to sell, sell, sell before you can reap the rewards. Treat those first few years like your own sales job - because that's exactly what it is. Be authentic, detail-oriented, and relentlessly prospecting. If you put in the work, you'll make it happen.

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