Prep Your Listing To Sell Like a Pro

In the fast-paced world of real estate, ensuring that your listings stand out from the competition is crucial. Real estate expert Matt Liss shares his strict process for maximizing results in property listings. From staging consultations to photography and accurate MLS input, Matt's approach is a recipe for success. In this blog post, we'll break down his valuable insights into a step-by-step guide for real estate professionals.

Staging Consultation: Setting the Stage for Success

Matt emphasizes the importance of preparing a home for sale, and that starts with a staging consultation. He partners with Haven Home Staging to coordinate with homeowners on preparing their property for sale. The staging consultation is an in-depth, two-hour process that focuses on using the existing furniture and décor to make the property show-ready and photo-ready. The result is a camera-ready property that makes a strong first impression in listing photos.

Professional Photography: It's Worth the Investment

One of the most critical aspects of a real estate listing is the photography. Matt firmly advises against using cell phones for listing photos. Instead, he recommends investing in professional photography services. Take advantage of floor plans, 3D tours, and drone photos to show unique features like a large yard or rooftop deck.

Comprehensive Property Information: Anticipate Buyer Questions

To streamline the process for potential buyers and agents, Matt sends his sellers a list of 20 key questions about their property. This list includes details like updates, roof installation dates, and HOA reserve balances. Having answers readily available for common buyer inquiries helps keep the focus on the property during showings and avoids distracting questions.

Accurate MLS Listings: Don't Skip the Details

Matt stresses the importance of accuracy when inputting information into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). He highlights the frustration when listings lack essential details, such as school districts, accurate bed sizes, and matching floor plans. Agents should ensure that all information is up-to-date and correct, demonstrating professionalism and consideration for both the public and the seller.

Seller Involvement: Keep Your Clients Informed

Before pushing a property listing live, Matt shares an MLS preview with his clients. This not only gives them a chance to review and provide feedback on the listing's accuracy but also keeps them informed and engaged in the process.

Timing Matters: Choose the Right Days

The timing of when you push a listing live can significantly impact its success. Matt advises against posting listings on Saturdays when potential buyers may already be occupied with personal property tours. Instead, he recommends going live on Wednesday or Thursday to gives buyers plenty of time to coordinate a weekend showing tour. Hosting an open house for the weekend can also take showing pressure off of the seller.

Maximizing results in real estate listings requires a well-structured approach that incorporates staging consultations, professional photography, comprehensive property information, accurate MLS listings, seller involvement, and careful timing. By following these steps, real estate professionals can enhance their marketing strategy, impress clients, and ultimately achieve better outcomes in their property listings.


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Great advice! Staging and disclosure can make a big difference in realizing a property's potential. It's about creating a welcoming and attractive space for potential buyers. The emphasis on professional photography is also relevant.

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