Mastering Consistency: A Blueprint for Success in Real Estate

Consistency is the key to success, and in the real estate business, it's no different. In Matt Liss' most recent video he talks the importance of consistency and how it can transform your real estate business. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, Matt's insights provide a valuable roadmap for achieving your goals.

The Power of Routine
Matt Liss kicks off the discussion by highlighting his daily routine, emphasizing the importance of consistency in his success. His disciplined approach to early morning workouts and self-care routines sets the tone for a productive day. While he acknowledges that such routines may not come naturally to everyone, Matt stresses the need for individuals to build consistency into their lives and train themselves to be disciplined.

Goal-Oriented Approach
Matt draws a comparison between his routine and that of his wife, who he describes as goal-oriented. His wife excels in achieving fitness goals, such as triathlons and races, but once the goal is accomplished, the routine halts. Matt encourages individuals to set up goals or races, something to strive towards. This goal-oriented mindset can be the catalyst for creating a thriving real estate business.

Setting Achievable Goals
The crux of Matt's message lies in setting achievable goals and incorporating them into your routine. He advises breaking down your week into manageable time blocks and dedicating specific periods to essential business practices. Whether it's door knocking, email prospecting, or client calls, consistency in approach is key.

Overcoming Daily Grind
Matt acknowledges the daily grind that professionals often face. To combat boredom and maintain focus, he recommends breaking down daunting tasks into smaller, more manageable 30-minute time blocks. This strategy helps individuals stay energized, focused, and ultimately accomplish their goals.

Utilizing Time Blocks and Timers
Time blocking is a crucial component of Matt's success strategy. Using timers on your phone can help keep tasks specific and focused, preventing distractions and enhancing productivity. Whether you're making calls or dealing with past clients, utilizing time blocks ensures that you stay on track.

Visualizing Succes
Visualizing success is an essential part of Matt's approach. He suggests using a monthly calendar to mark achievements with big red crosses for each task completed. This not only provides a visual representation of your accomplishments but also helps in maintaining a strong work ethic.

The Accountability Chair
Matt emphasizes the importance of accountability in achieving success. Being accountable for your tasks, whether through weekly check-ins with a group or daily self-assessments, helps foster discipline and creates strong work habits.

Consistency and discipline are the cornerstones of success in the real estate business. Matt Liss's insights offer a practical guide to incorporating these principles into your daily routine. By setting achievable goals, utilizing time blocks, and staying accountable, you can transform your real estate endeavors and build a thriving business.

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