Closing the Deal and Beyond: Realtor Guide for Monetizing Your Past Client Database

Closing day is an exhilarating moment for everyone involved in a real estate transaction. The excitement of handing over the keys to a new home is a culmination of hard work and dedication. However, as a Realtor, it's essential to ensure that the client's experience extends beyond just receiving a check. In this guide, we'll explore a comprehensive checklist to make closing day seamless and discuss strategies for building lasting relationships with clients.

Before Closing

  • Housekeeping Items and Template Email: Begin by creating a checklist of housekeeping items and a template email to send to clients. This email should serve as a reminder to initiate actions like setting up internet, utilities, and completing HOA move-in forms if necessary. This proactive approach prevents any last-minute surprises, ensuring a smooth transition for the buyers.
  • Prepare Clients for the Closing Process: Recognize that closing day can be stressful for buyers who may not have gone through the process before. Provide them with a timeline and a general overview of what to expect during the closing, emphasizing the time commitment involved in signing documents. This transparency sets the right expectations and reduces anxiety.
  • Final Walkthrough: Plan a final walkthrough with the buyers. This walkthrough should be thorough, checking appliances, mechanical systems, any agreed to repairs, and ensuring everything is in working order. Confirm access details, such as keys, garage door openers, and any necessary codes, with the listing agent.
  • Closing Table Interaction: Sitting with clients at the closing table presents an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Discuss the timeline, review the transaction process, and talk about future goals. This personal touch reinforces trust and lays the foundation for a continued partnership.

Post-Closing Relationship Building

  • Closing Gift and Follow-Up: Consider giving a closing or housewarming gift to express appreciation. Practical gifts, such as a Ring doorbell or branded cutting board, can leave a lasting impression. Immediately after the sale, request a review from clients, providing a link to the preferred review site to build your online reputation.
  • Post-Move-In Gesture: On moving day, go the extra mile by bringing over bagels, donuts, or even a pizza for dinner. These thoughtful touches show genuine care and consideration for the clients during a busy time.
  • Follow-Up Calls and Market Updates: Check in with clients one to two weeks post-closing to see how they are settling in. Establish a quarterly routine of sending market updates to keep them informed about their property's value. Organize these interactions in your CRM and ask for referrals during check-ins.
  • Closing Anniversary Recognition: Celebrate the closing anniversary with a personalized touch. This unique gesture serves as an icebreaker and reinforces your commitment to the client's long-term satisfaction.
  • Attend Housewarming Parties: If clients invite you to their housewarming party, attend and introduce yourself to everyone as the realtor who helped them secure their home. Use the opportunity to network and keep building your brand.

Closing day is not just about completing a transaction; it's about laying the groundwork for a lasting relationship. By following a comprehensive checklist and adopting thoughtful post-closing strategies, realtors can ensure their clients remember the experience fondly and become advocates for their services. Building a strong brand and maintaining open communication will keep realtors top of mind for future real estate needs and referrals.

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