John Li
John Li
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John Li is a seasoned real estate professional who is committed to providing the most customized service for his clients. With decades of experience in real estate investment in both the long-term rental market and the fix-and-flip market, John brings a level of expertise to his clients that sets him apart from most agents. John has gotten his hands dirty working on renovation projects from start to finish, which gives him the technical know-how to be able to expertly guide his clients. Additionally, because of his many years of work on real estate renovation projects, he has access to a long list of professional and reasonable contractors that can help his clients as they prepare to either buy or sell a house. He is passionate about real estate and puts the needs of his clients above all else. He will absolutely go the extra mile to make sure that his clients are getting the best service. When he is not working hard for his clients, he spends his free time playing as much USTA tennis as possible and recovers by binging The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.