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Fadi Matalka
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Mr. Fadi Matalka is a finance and sales expert with a 25 year history of making investment income and home dreams come true for his clients. From his 16 years at JP Morgan as a Fixed Income Sales professional, his focus has always been on making the best deals for his clients. In 2013 Fadi decided to parlay his significant success in building nest eggs to helping clients buy their nest. Fadi knew that he had the ability to understanding the needs and desires of his clients. Whether it is to grow their investments or finding the right home to grow old in, Fadi has a keen eye and ear for listening to what people want for their future. In creating The Fadi Matalka Group and partnering with Mark Allen Realty, Fadi has woven his decades of Chicago-land knowledge into a successful business. Fadi’s Think Local and Choose Local focus makes him exceptionally knowledgeable about the Chicago real estate market and placed him in the top 10% of Real Estate agents in Chicago with nearly $10M in sales in the last three years. Fadi knows Chicago-land real estate because he is a Chicago guy – he is that local resident who knows where to go for a night out and the best places to eat and which schools are the best. This is because he lives The Fadi Matalka motto of Think Local and Choose Local as a daily mantra. After graduating from DePaul University in Chicago with a degree finance, Fadi moved to the Fulton Market – West Loop area where he currently resides with his wife and children. Over his 15 years of living in this area, he and his family have become part of this vibrant and diverse neighborhood. Fadi gives back to his community by serving on the Skinner West Elementary school board (his daughter attends) as well as volunteering for Friends of Skinner West Elementary. He brings his unique eye, developed over 20+ years watching the city grow and flourish to each client he serves. Fadi Matalka will bring his expertise in finance and real estate, his passion for Chicago and his knowledge of the residential market to you with a commitment to help you find your perfect home.